Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh Hi Rudeness! Where's your Enemy, Politness?

Today, i faced a very stupid situation where a foreign guard raised his voice to warning me FOR THE FIRST TIME regarding my "noisy bike" that might interrupt the soundness and serenity of this stupid fucking place. SO i write a complaint to the AJK in this fucking place. This is what i wrote:

Hello to you.

Is this a "PingPong Chimp-Paka" (note: i had to rearrange the name due to some circumstances) AJK FB? Well I believe someone who created this fb is one of them. I would like to address my disappointment and disbelieve to you. But first let me introduce myself, im Ashraf living block D and I have just moved here 10th of june 2011. I moved here for a business nature between me and some organization.

So back to the point, Today, on 2:57 PM 6/28/2011, I have been stop for the FIRST TIME at the entrance near the LRT Cempaka Station. The Guard stops me and with no sense of politeness or respect talk to me in a raising voice saying that don’t ramp my bike and my bike is too noisy and I might disturb the neighborhood. I don’t remember ramping my bike like I’m so stupid enough to think that IT’S OK TO RAMP IN HERE.

Seriously I don’t ramp my bike in here because I’m not that dumb enough to do so. I do understand living in this kind of house requires silent and serenity as I’m also live in a Town House concept in a Johor Bahru town. So I do know how to stand up or kneel down where ever in. But what very disappointed me was, the one guard that is lack of politeness, disrespect, and no sense of gratitude working here. IF HE tend to warning me politely about my noisy bike and about the ramping thing (which I didn’t do intentionally) I would never said this or thought of this. But the way he raise his voice, and sounded like mad at me was very unacceptable for me.

Today is my first time been stop like this. IF la I have been stop like a few time and I still make noise that I understand. But this? Cant they be polite enough to serve here? Haiya. I know I just rent here, BUT I DO PAY. I didn’t stay here for free.

please la take note, if he tend to speak like that to other visitor? i think u got that picture how people will judge your place.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Walking the Faded Lines.

Whoa oh! Gosh at first I knew it I, that first word came across me, and it reminded me of paramour song, whoa! Huhu well im a bit surprise for today, with the balls, the life in kl, bout this and about that and im like what the hell? Is this Sunday or a surpriseday? Haha

Anyway I felt a bit of something since yesterday, and if someone thought that I might be talking bout u, na’ah it aint bout u. I felt as if I had made a mistake, and honest mistake, and I had made a lot of wrong moves. But who am I to know that I will make a wrong decision before? Its just too hard to expect everything to be nice and sweet and such. Its hard. And that made me swallow everything whether is bitter or sweet or its just plain no taste.

Ahh.. what the hell.. hidup ini sabar je lah perlu.. oh and pasrah jua.. kalau tak.. u wouldn’t be a human if u cant be that way… awwww…

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Rough Months :(

its been awhile since the last time i post anything at my blog. ive been pretty much busy, going back home late from work, with my life been up and downs like a turntable spinnin around. gosh what a test Allah had gave to me. But i do thank you Allah for the sweetness in the bitterness in life. well now im in kl after quitting my job as a kuli batak in mcdonalds. yeah kuli batak..its been like hell for me there. now i drove my ass back to kl, trying to build up my career here, start a band again, and continue my passion on bikes. whoa, i just need some one to talk to. i cant swallow this alone. i might smile on the outside, but the pain that UA is suffering right now, hurts and kills so much. what more can i do, what more can have, what more can i work on to feel that my life is completed. haih dugaanya.. oh ya Allah give strenght to me please.. oh Faith please stay with me.. oh Luck dont run away from me.. ;(

to my family at home and my bikers family, imysm ,,,,,