Sunday, September 13, 2009

Such A Gloomy Day

Well it’s been awhile since I post any blog. Kinda have my hands full with assignments and stuff. It pretty hectic but I manage to cope with it and finish it before the Raya Breaks begin.

Today ku bangun dgn perasaan yg agak gloomy sedikit. Bangun dengan agak lewat. Everything seems so evenly but deep down in my heart there’s a sense of emptiness lies in between this happi face. Its not I’m doing something wrong, it’s just that I feel quite gloomy. Being a part from family and close friend do gives u an impact to you. I don’t know about you bout for me it does. Sometimes bile lepak2 baring2 teringat those happi moments I have with my family...My friends. But now I didn’t seem to have those good times anymore. Good friend has flown away, family way back in jb. I don’t know.

Well for some reason I do feel a lil bit thankful to have some people in my life that make my happy…That makes me feel needed.

For my family, I do miss you. And for my friends that has gone from the eyes and not from the heart, I wish you all the best in what you do in the future. Never forget.

Maybe this gloomy feeling is just because of the hari raya’s eve that will come in a few more days.
I don’t know.