Thursday, December 25, 2008

Turning vegan? Its preserving animal rights.

Well, have you watch the video?
Maybe you’ve seen the vids before this.
If you’ve seen the video you must been thinking of changing your everyday meal to vegetarian stuff. Just because you thought that all meat comes from that ugly and nasty source.

To me, the solution to this matter it’s not about stop eating meal and turn vegan, it’s about preventing the animal from being treated that way.
If you just stop eating meat, of course the butcher will somehow find another way to sells the meat by maybe exporting the meat to outside the country and the rights of the animal cant be preserve somehow, animals do have rights you know.
The right way to solve this matter is to take action to all those that do harm to the animals.

Maybe you wouldn’t really know who’s doing what to the animal. But by doing an observation to the entire farm that involve n the process of the production of the meat and monitor all the activities that the farms are doing can protect the animals for being treated the wrong way (animal cruelty and such).

Besides that the law enforcement and the government have to implement a heavier punishment to those who had done harm to the animals. Fine such as $10million to those who guilty or jails for a very long period of time are an example of heavier punishment. Public awareness is also important to teach some of the “ass-hole” to treat the animal right. Maybe some doesn’t even care of mistreated the animal just because it’s just an animal.

Animal do deserve to live in this world and all living things in this world have the rights and respect of their own.

So treat the animals in the right way. Don’t be selfish by just stop eating meat when you know what really going on with this animals.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

changes..think about it

sometimes people need some change..
kalu tak skrng bile lagi..
takan lagi 10 taun akan dtg kot..
itu time nak kawin..
takan lagi 20 taun akan dtg kot..
itu time nak jage anak..
takan lagi 30 taun akan dtg kot..
itu time nak rajinkan diri ke mesjid..
takan lagi 40 taun akan dtg kot..
time tu dah get ready nak mati..
takan lagi 50 taun akan dtg kot..
sbb time tu, "kubur kate mari,rumah kate pergi"..

SO, perubahan tu tak salah..

janji tak kacau orang,
janji agame xlarang..
janji pegangan korang xberubah..
janji negara nih aman smpi bebile..

no fighting..
no drugs..
no open sex..
no smoking..
no pollution..
no war..
no hatred..
no negative elements..

"you think for changes, u evaluate it, and you accept it stage by stage"

Saturday, December 13, 2008

a point for a start

i've been thinking bout making this blog for quite sometimes. just intend to express what i felt inside out and whats goin on through out the days. besides that i want to share with everyone what's been gone thru my head. nuthing much. just as a simple piece of music interest to a quite thoughful things to put in sight. i might be a stranger to you but let it fool your mind. i may be the next person sit right next besides you.


"life is like a box of chocolate, you dont know what you got until you open it"