Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Lucky in some ways? :)

at first i thought, after seeing Despised Icon live in Singapore in another 2 weeks, im like, how the heck i've missed this!
then i thought ok la tak dapat pegi tak pa lah. but after browsing the net, i saw, JUNK post this,

"Junk Alright! For one of three pairs of Despised Icon live in Singapore tix, tell us why we should pick you to be one of only 200 people to see Despised Icon's first and last show in Singapore! We'll be giving out another 2 pairs of tix over the week, so don't despair if you don't win this one!" (post: 166762836669945)

then somehow, i just want to try my luck i guess by sending this to them,

"pick me man! ahh despised icon had always be my inspiration in makin my own lyric and my music with my band mates! first song that make me fall in love with them is " The Sun Will Never Charm Us", just looking at the title for the first time makes me (or any1 for sure!)would want to listen to the whole song! i mean all the deathcore fans for sure.. :)
oh yeah and the full cap, it sure inspired me to wear exactly the same! haha just look at my default picture.. used to wear trucker caps, and aftre seing them, ah fullcap was my no1 choice! (im a cap freak!). they have inspired me alots through out the years and, to see them playing live in front of my naked eyes, whoa! that was for sure such an overwhelming experience for me! yah i hope to see them live, since this is their last moment as a band.. so sad man.. :("

THEN! the day after, i check my facebook notification saying that JUNK had comment on their wall.. i didnt expect anything till i saw them, posted these words:

"Junk Marlon Ingle makes a good argument for the tix, but we're super impressed with Monzieur Umar Ashraff's devoted fandom of the band! Congrats Monzieur, you're our first winner! There are another two pairs to be given away, watch out for the announcements!"


darn im so freakin out and so happy for this! :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

oh Paramore live in.. KL!

Damn it! how im suppose not to go when my most favorite lead female singer band play live in Malaysia!

and yeah ive asked my favorite teacher to follow me to the concert and already bought the tickets! although it was only the cheapest tickets (due to some "member nak ikut tapi last2 tak jadi") its was okay i guess. janji pegi tgk! walawey!

so i'm stoked for it! aww i really cant wait to watch Paramore live in action!

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