Sunday, February 14, 2010

writing on these walls!

Whoa! Its been awhile since I last post something to this freakin blog. Got a lot of thing to handle and to take care of and that’s why Im not been able to write anything fer this blog. Got some few lyrics came up to my mind and jotted it down but that was it. I think its not quite interesting as before. But what the hack. ;)

Well first thing first, ive quit my degree last november and now ive work for a local internet company in KL. It was pretty hectic at first for me but yeah thanks to God willing im be able to sustain all the pressure involve during the days. A lot of things come up: not as preety as anyone would think and theres one point where I felt like givin up in my life and decide to shifted back to JB but somehow I manage to overcome it by the help of some person. thanks guys.

Working in KL was quite tired really. With all the jamm and stuff it made u think that why la people want to live and work here with all this crap. But hey im here as well and the reason why im here is…I don’t really know why! Haha what the hell..i guess I just follow what my heart says and what my mind think. But its not like forever I will be here. My parents still in JB and soon my sis will be leavin them because later on its her turn to continue study and sure my parents boring punya! Yala having only 2 child, one is in KL while the other one mayb tah kemana. Sian mama, I will be back in JB soon puny a lah. 

On and yeah ive involve in some RABBIT stuff lately! Now I have total of 7 rabbits! Include 3 newborn babies which born 12feb2010. My first bunny I got was on june 2009 and until now I still have her. Minus the babies, I now have 3 lop eared rabbit and one local rabbit. Lop eared as u know have very long ears, while my local breed specialities is, hes black+maroon look alike colour and it has a a white tip nose, a white foot and a white tail. He looks abit like silvester on LoneyTunes! ;)

Huhu other than that nothing much really. POM now is in rest for awhile since remy lef the building. I havent scream for quite sometime and I think it gonna took me sometime to get the hang of sream again. To those who know about POM latest EP, our KEPALA refuse to realse it to public cuz he’s quite ashamed about the quality of the EP. Until now I havent know the status of the mixing and mastering of the EP.

Well that’s about it I, work, bands, rabbits! Huhu other than that things go quite midly these days. Enjoying work (iye ke enjoy?), taking care of baby rabbits, online..

Sometimes cm boring gak! But I try not to think much about it lah..kasi pressure pale je

Peace out!

haa some of my bunny! enjoy!

Friday, February 5, 2010

ahh! imback online!


its been quite a long time since i last post my blog!

broken pc's. no internet. this and that.

but now im crystal clear from any problems!

so i will be back posting back as usual..

keep posted!