Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Peeps!

well happy new year to UA and to you. i just hope that this fairy year will bring much more happier things in my life. 2010 wasn't that bad but i wish to have more better life and much better person to fall in love with. Love? yeah love, the thing that UA hard to find, true love. Besides that, i wish to be more happier than before. Happier than 2010. and I'm planning some few things like traveling to some place and do some ridiculous things in 2011. Well yeah ridiculous things to me gives some two bits of colour in my life.

and i'm thinking to start the "New Decade" in KL. Hope everything goes find for me ya Allah. Amin.


would it be nice if my dad buy me this car? Inspira oh Inspira.. ;)