Friday, March 6, 2009

next, my passion!

Well ive been writing this stuff since last month but I didn’t go the chance to post it because of some problems. But now, ive post it and hope you enjoy it! =)

One of my favorite things in this world is SUPERBIKES!
Gosh I have already been a fan of these machines for quite sometimes after several events in my live involving this machine. It was a hell of an experience! =)

Actually the reason why I’ve been a superbikes enthusiast ever since is because of my mum that bought me a couple of superbike magazine when I was hospitalized in 2006 because of pneumonia.
Those magazines accompany me everyday from day to night. Although I have only 3 magazines with me and I’ve been hospitalized for about a week, I can’t get enough of reading that magazine on and on until I got out of the hospital.
Thanks mum for the mag and thanks for the doctor and nurses for taking care of me while I’m in the hospital! =)

Well after I've check out from the hospital, my dad notice me I have the interest of superbike ever since. He gives me a ride on his friend bike and it was so fucking awesome! Those exhaust system sounds awesome and that wind flown right to your face, it was so damn cool!
I try to climb on one of the bike but it was too big for me!
Or maybe cuz I’m small I guess.. But yeah it’s cool =P

So after I got to KL to continue my studies, I’ve join a forum called in hoping that I could learn something more from them. It was a good site to learn and know the people that have involve in the superbike scene.
Thanks to en kib for all the t’s, all the big bro that have help me with my questions and stuff.
Thanks all! You’re the best!

Well that’s a bout it, some story of my superbike thing and stuff.
I love to ride although I only own a small bike.
But what the heck right?

Ride to live and live to ride! =)

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