Sunday, July 19, 2009

JW Marriot Bombing

17 July 2009

Last Friday I was shocked that JW MARRIOT was struck again by a series of suicide bombing in Indonesia. I was quite late writing this blog because of recording stuff and such. So I have to pending my writing and continue today (Sunday). Back to the story, this was the second time the same hotel is being boom. Killing a few innocent people and put a terror amongst the people of Indonesian and those who stay there. The Republic suspect the JI (Jemaah Islamiah) who behind this entire massacre. Since the first attack on JW Marriot Jakarta, all of the JW MARRIOT Hotels groups are put in to the ‘yellow zone’ level which they have to be aware and be extra careful of all the possibility of terrorist attacks and any possible event that can endangered the people that involve with JW MARRIOT. In Kuala Lumpur also, Renaissance and Ritz Carlton (JW MARRIOT Group) are seriously take precaution measure just in case if any threats on any of the hotels.

Has everyone can see, this booming have give much worried and scared to most of the people, not in just Indonesia itself but also all around the world.

I couldn’t understand why this so-call-Islam-Fighter is willing to kill innocent people. Jihad? I don’t think Islam promote jihad in such ways; suicide bombing killing innocent people, blowing up crowded places. This is not jihad, this is Bullshit!

Why on earth do they want to bomb a place and kills innocent people? Are they scared of facing each other and fight in a proper way?
These stupid suicide bombers are so stupid that they didn’t realize that they have made Islam a “terrorist religion” or a “religion that support killing spree”! This somehow reflects the whole image of Islam and make the world sees Islam in a negative perspective. Now everyone is scared of Muslims.

Then this problem will arise, PREJUDICE and HATRED among the Islam people. These event that somehow related to Islam gives bad impact to the world especially Muslims. There you go, family of Muslim cannot fly on an airplane, Muslim cant run a business on and American soil, Muslim get insult, Muslim this and Muslim that; just because of some stupid idiotic people thinks that suicide bombing is a good way to show Jihad to God.

I’m a Muslim also and I have received education about Islam since I was 9yeras old. I’m 21 now and I haven’t heard or know that Islam promote suicide bombing or killing innocent people.

This bombing spree is not only happen in Indonesia but also in the UAE soil. What I see on the TV, bombing each other doesn’t resolve any problem. In fact they have let a bunch of people lives in sorrow and pain. Kills the one they love, destroy their houses, and take away their peaceful days.

Gosh this bombing madness has to stop.

Hey U suicide bombers! You are dead wrong and you’re such a freaking coward! Stop Bombing and stop killing!

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