Saturday, June 11, 2011

Walking the Faded Lines.

Whoa oh! Gosh at first I knew it I, that first word came across me, and it reminded me of paramour song, whoa! Huhu well im a bit surprise for today, with the balls, the life in kl, bout this and about that and im like what the hell? Is this Sunday or a surpriseday? Haha

Anyway I felt a bit of something since yesterday, and if someone thought that I might be talking bout u, na’ah it aint bout u. I felt as if I had made a mistake, and honest mistake, and I had made a lot of wrong moves. But who am I to know that I will make a wrong decision before? Its just too hard to expect everything to be nice and sweet and such. Its hard. And that made me swallow everything whether is bitter or sweet or its just plain no taste.

Ahh.. what the hell.. hidup ini sabar je lah perlu.. oh and pasrah jua.. kalau tak.. u wouldn’t be a human if u cant be that way… awwww…

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