Monday, June 15, 2009

from the pure hearted

As rain fall on to my face,
I start to felt that this life is real
To feel the meaning from the inside
To know what’s wrong and what is right

Grab my hand and walk with me
And see the world the way I see
Cherish the moment never set free
And let everything be what it meant to be

I touch the sky by my feet never leave the ground
I shout so loud but there were never a sound
This is isn’t what I’ve felt before
I never wanting this so much more

Slowly the minute change to hour
I see everything past in front of me
Simple things I never take it for granted
The life that I have always wanted

These voices running through my head
But whisper only that I’ve heard
The feelings kept running in my head
Those feelings that I never met

Slowly I lay myself onto the ground
Take back what I’ve said before
Regret everything I did before
Show the love that I never shown

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